The DTB10C type 1, as shown, comes as a working unit consisting of booster assembly, motor, DOL starter and cooling fans, and is intended for static installation.

System Details

The motor is directly direct coupled to the reduction gearbox. The output shaft drives the eccentric bearing in the isolated crankcase which drives the apposing horizontal pistons via a pushrod. Two cooling fans mounted one above and one below act on the cylinder head cooling fins. The bell crank levers are forced to hold the cylinder heads against the body of the crankcase by a spring box assembly located below the cylinders. This spring arrangement is adjusted during testing to give way at just above maximum pressure to form a mechanical means of over pressure safety relief as the power is cut via a micro switch. Inter-stage pressure is protected with both a relief valve and a burst disk assembly. The DOL starter box and Hours Run meter is fitted to the side of the motor and manual ON/OFF control is managed here as well as a fly lead which can be fitted to an additional ON/OFF switch fitted to suit the location. Both Inter-stage and after cooling cools are fitted and comprise of 6m/9ft of TUNGUM tubing which is a first rate heat-sink and low spark index special alloy essential for Oxygen service equipment. The cooling coils deliver an almost atmospheric temperature at exit which helps considerably when mixing gases. The motor demands an inrush of approx 8 amps for the split second of start-up and during running uses less electricity than a Vacuum cleaner. Guidance is given with regard to the installation and use of the booster but it is really nothing more than ON/OFF for a trained compressor operator or Nitrox mixer.


Inlet pressure 35 barg. Reduced inlet pressure of 25 bar is permitted when outlet pressure required is less than 250 bar

Maximum outlet pressure 350 bar

Flow rate 45 to 55 normal/litres/min continuous. As this is a 2 stage(2 piston) with a regulated inlet pressure the flow rate is a constant.

Electrical supply 240v or 414v 3Phase. We can supply this booster with a variety of motors to match the power supply in most locations in the world.

Power 0.55w

Inlet connection 1/4" BSP. We can provide a connection size and type to suit your preference.

Outlet connection 1/4" BSP As above

70db noise output.

Approximate dimensions 500mm(W) 500mm(L) 300(H)

Weight Approx 20KG

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