Panel building has become an integral part of our business as we are naturally requested to provide gas management as part of a system. I draw on first hand experience of time spent at the panel in open circuit Trimix gas preparation during the 1990's. Having acquired the necessary certification and experience to correctly install tubing and fittings, we can design and build a panel to provide a clear and comprehensible format that can be followed by an operator that may not use the panel on a regular basis.

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The layout and coloured gas path lines, and the logical placement of the inlet and outlet valves provide a clear indication of the operating procedure. Almost any variation and number of Gas and Air inlet and outlets are possible, with pressure reducing regulators providing isolated 232 bar and 300 charging outlets. All Gas inlets are fitted with Non-return valves with double Non-return valves on all air inlets. Our design can fully integrate your gas booster so the filling procedure can be completed in one operation.

Trimix Panel. 2 Helium Inlets, 2 Oxygen inlets with Air bank and Air compressor Inlets. Pressure reducing regulator for 232 bar . 6 Outlets. Dimensions: 760mm x 760mm x 120mm Weight 23kg.

The entire panel is built to Oxygen service specifications with Tungum tube being used for all Oxygen gas lines in preference to Stainless Steel, which is used for all other air and Helium connections. HP connection fittings are Stainless steel. We use No iron or steel fittings. The needle valves and most other components are supplied by UNDERSEA LTD as we have learnt that no finer or reliable parts are available. Both analogue and digital gauges are available. We can design and build to your exact requirement and within your budget constraints. Below are a selection of panels recently supplied giving an indication as to what we can provide. In most cases we would supply a complete turnkey package with charging hoses and adapters included, leaving you to connect gas and air. We can complete a full On-site installation if required.

Application: Trimix panel. 2 Oxygen Inlets, 1 Helium and 1 Air Inlet. Booster In/Out . Two Outlets. Dimensions: 700mm High x 600mm Wide Weight 18kg.

Another version of the P2 panel but fitted with Twin pressure transmitters and LED displays to provide redundancy. It can however be supplied with only one display. Pressure transmitters are accurate to 1% of full scale and faster to react to pressure changes than analogue gauges and the LED display makes it far easier to read the pressure output.

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