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Cetek Limited are distributors of high pressure gas boosters manufactured in the UK by Stansted Fluid Power Limited.

Stansted Fluid Power Limited (SFP) is a privately owned British family business founded in 1970, and is well know for its activities in high pressure liquid and gas pumping systems, in some cases for pressures as high as 14kbar. Middle range pressures, generally in the range up to 7kbar are used in industry and research worldwide.

Throughout the years SFP has, along with its extensive range of pumping devices, developed a range of medium pressure gas boosters including a number which have specially been adapted for use with oxygen. These boosters have been built into transportable frames and used by fire and rescue units in the UK. More recently larger and more complex automatically controlled transportable equipment specified by the RAF for use as life support systems for high altitude parachuting.

Large and small base units have evolved from these applications which have become attractive to the diving community.

Alan Freeman
Managing Director
Stansted Fluid Power Ltd

Cetek Limited
Managing Director: Mike McNulty
Company Number: 08408944


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