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The DTB5C is an air driven booster designed specifically for Oxygen service. It is well suited to both CCR and Open circuit divers. It's unique design ensures that there will be no cross contamination between the drive gas and the supply gas.

The booster can safely be driven from any low pressure compressor , or directly from a Scuba cylinder. The unique design of the DBT5C means it is extremely economical on drive gas.

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View spares kits for the DBT5C

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The DBT5C will boost air, oxygen, helium and argon to a maximum pressure of 250 bar, it is safe easy to use, and has a long service life. The in depth manual supplied provides the operator with all the information required to guide you through servicing and repair, should a fault occur. We offer the DTB5C as a complete "Turnkey " package, with all the hoses and connectors needed to start using your booster straight from the box.

DTB5C specification:

Booster ratio 1:36
Minimum inlet pressure 20 Bar (290 psi)
Maximum outlet pressure 250 bar (3625 psi)
Drive gas pressure required 6-10 bar Max (87-145 psi)

Performance data (taken from actual test results on Job no 11553 Serial no 9854)

Flow rate 24 N/Lmin (0.85 cubic/ft/min) Test Data calculated from a 65 bar inlet pressure.
Receiver volume 2.7ltr
Air pressure inlet 9 bar
Ambient temperature 19C
Gas inlet temperature 20C
Final gas outlet temperature 24C
Test Receiver temperature at finish 22C
Final test pressure 225 bar
Time to test pressure 16m 23s

Inlet/outlet connection 1/4" BSPP (M) 60 cone seat.

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