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The Stansted Gas Booster model P-TC-FPG10165 system has been developed for use by NATO forces. Its special features broaden its use to a large range of military & civil applications where gas transfer is required. Primarily for oxygen transfer applications with HAPLESS and AMOS oxygen charging systems; its high specification and special features broaden its applications to a large range of military and civil applications where gas transfer is required. System may be used with oxygen, air, argon, helium, nitrox and heliox mixes.

Electrically driven from a single phase electric motor the system can be supplied to suit most world-wide electrical supplies.

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  • Charging pressures to (5,000 psi) 350 bar
  • Designed to charge composite cylinders
  • Operation from -10°C to +50°C
  • Automated, logic controlled operation
  • Programmable pressurisation rate
  • Electrically operated
  • Over temperature protection
  • Sand protection
  • Integrated lightweight transit frame
  • Integrated charging manifold and hose storage
  • Fold-out cylinder rack
  • Integral pull out carrying handles

The system stage ratio 10:1 max

Minimum inlet pressure* 25 barg (400 psig)

Maximum inlet pressure 230 barg (2300 psig)

Flow rate 55 to 65 n/ltr min

Weight 100 kg (220lb)

* Optimum performance is archived while inlet pressure is above 35 barg. (500 psig).

The control system incorporates a customised logic controller for the system with menu driven alpha-numeric HMI control interface. The customised control allows operators to set required parameters, chose from a set of pre-programmed operating sequences and interrogate fault conditions. System includes electronic outlet pressure measurement through a pressure transducer, also outlet gas temperature measurement. Pressure and temperature are displayed on the display of the HMI. Facility is also included for integration of an external control signal. System control protects the system against excessive pressure and temperature operation. Standard operating programs allow programmable
pressure ramp rates, a feature developed to prevent excessive compression heating during the charging of composite cylinders.

The system is supplied in a robust lightweight fabricated aluminum support frame. The frame is designed to be easily man handled and carried with pull-out portage handles. Closed for transportation the covers protect the system from handling accidents. For operation the system panels fold out allowing access to the control panel and pressure connections. The fold out panel for control access includes a set of basic instructions for operating procedures. The charging access panel folds out to allow access to inlet and outlet charging connectors, a secondary fold out panel also includes a bottle charging rack and distribution manifold suitable for supporting up to six typical 3l cylinders. Alternative charging racks and manifolds can be offered to suit individual applications. The integral tool chest allows storage of hoses, tools and connectors.

System incorporates integral air circulation cooling flow for cooling the gas booster and bottles on the charging rack. Cooling air is filtered through large panel filters resistant to coarse sand ingress. The system includes inbuilt sensing to detect filter blockage. Filters can be simply removed and cleaned.

System is suitable for operation in ambient conditions from -10°C to +50°C. For low temperature operation the system incorporates low temperature protection with pre-start crankcase heating to ensure system lubricants are in operating temperature range.

Based on the proven Stansted TC10C-2312-1412-OX gas booster the system is robust and reliable. Should it be required primary in field service is accomplished through service exchange assemblies which allow operators to simply, quickly and safely rectify the majority of service faults.

NATO unit P-TC-FPG10165

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