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The DTB10c type 3 booster is designed specifically for professional use. The unit incorporates a host of features which make it an excellent choice for expeditions. Make an order enquiry

The type 3 booster is offered as a complete packaged unit. It is fitted with a two stage inlet pressure regulator (max 230 bar ). The inlet pressure is controlled via a solenoid by a contact gauge fitted into the top of the housing. The outlet pressure is also controlled by a contact gauge, and together they can be configured by the user to automatically charge a cylinder or bank . Simply set the outlet gauge to your desired pressure and the unit will operate until the target pressure is achieved.


  • Reduced inlet pressure of 25 bar is permitted when outlet pressure required is less than 250 bar
  • Flow rate 45 to 55 normal/litres/min
  • MWP 350 bar
  • Gas, Oxygen, Helium,Argon, Air
  • Power 0.55 KW
  • Motor 230v or 414v 3 phase
  • Inlet 1/4BSPP (F) | Outlet 1/4BSPP (F)
  • Approx Dims: 550 W x 700mm L x 400mm H
  • Approx Wt 60Kg

The unit is supplied without hoses and cylinder connectors - these are available from Stansted Fluid Power Ltd.

Should the pressure sensor detect a reduction in pressure, the booster will operate until target pressure is achieved. This feature means it is entirely suitable for installations where the operator is not in full attendance. The unit is housed in a rugged steel frame with removable mesh panels. Also located on the top of the housing is a manual vent valve. Located on the front of the housing is the control panel which features:

  • DOL starter
  • Hours run meter
  • Emergency stop button
  • PM/KO push buttons
  • Fault indicator lamps

The booster is also fitted with:

  • By-pass and non return valves
  • Outlet cooling coil
  • Bulkhead connectors for inlet and outlet 1/4BSP (F)
  • High outlet gas temperature cut-out

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