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Models type 1,2 and 3 are constructed with the same piston, gearbox and motor assembly.

The DTB10C gas booster from Stansted Fluid power Ltd (UK) is based on the successful P-TC-FPG10165 contaminant free gas transfer system specially developed to meet the exacting service requirements of UK MOD and NATO forces.

The DTB10C has been designed specifically for use in the preparation of Technical diving gases. Safe and easy to use, this unit offers a complete solution to the high pressures needed in the preparation of Trimix, Heliox and Nitrox.

Type 1 - DTB10C

Type 1 - DTB10C gas booster image - link to specification page

The DTB10C is intended for static installation and comes as a working unit consisting of booster assembly, motor, DOL starter and cooling fans.

It reqiures an inlet pressure regulator as well as hoses and connections which are not supplied with the unit - these are also available.

Full specification here

Type 2 - DTB10C

Type 2 - DTB10C gas booster image - link to specification page

The type 2 booster is supplied in a steel frame with removable mesh covers. This makes the unit easy to transport and it will fit comfortably into the boot of most cars.

The framework is fitted with bulkhead connectors for both inlet and outlet hose connection (supplied by Stansted Fluid Power).

Full specification here

Type 3 - DTB10C

Type 3 - DTB10C gas booster image - link to specification page

Designed specifically for professional use. The unit incorporates a host of features which make it an excellent choice for expeditions.

The type 3 booster is offered as a complete packaged unit. It is fitted with a two stage inlet pressure regulator (max 230 bar ).

Full specification here

The DBT10C is rated for Oxygen service as standard and will also boost Helium and Air up to 350 Bar. The unit is powered by a 0.55 KW single phase electric motor with a three phase model also available, with 12v and 24v models being introduced.

Running costs are low, a considerable advantage over air driven systems requiring large capacity compressors. The DBT10C provides an excellent runtime between service intervals, and when servicing is required it can easily be carried out by the operator with a standard tool kit. Spares are readily available and inexpensive. The service life of the seals would be in excess of 250 hours, after which a full seal kit costs under £50, significantly less than a seal kit for air driven boosters. Alternatively you can of course return your unit to us for servicing.

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