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Cetek Limited are distributors of high pressure gas boosters manufactured in the UK by Stansted Fluid Power Limited. We offer Air and Electrically driven gas boosters for Technical and commercial Diving, and Industrial Applications. We also manufacturer bespoke high pressure Oxygen and diving gas mixing panels for Trimix, Nitrox and air applications.

Gas Booster units:

DTB5C gas booster image and link

The DTB5C is an air driven booster designed for use by CCR and Open circuit divers blending their own mixed gas. It’s unique design ensures that there will be no contamination of the boosted gas by the drive gas, essential if boosting oxygen.

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DTB10C gas booster image and link

The DTB10C is ideal for dive shops, clubs and individuals. It is electrically driven and it is available in three different formats.

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Nato unit gas booster image and link

NATO unit P-TC-FPG10165
Its special features broaden its use to a large range of military and civil applications where gas transfer is required. Designed to charge composite cylinders.

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Large capacity gas booster image and link

Larger Capacity Gas Boosters
In addition to the small boosters for recreational divers, the Stansted range of booster also incorporates larger capacity and higher pressure models providing a comprehensive range of solutions for pressures up to 14000 bar and flow rates in excess of 1000 Nm3hr-1.

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